LinkedIn Import FAQ

Importing your data from a LinkedIn Data Export is the quickest way to populate your Experience Collection.

If you haven't already you can request an archive (select the larger data archive) of your LinkedIn data from LinkedIn's Data Export page.

You can then use that archive to import your LinkedIn data into JiffyCV via the Import from LinkedIn menu item in the Experience tab.

How long does it take to get an archive of my data from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn typically takes ten minutes to generate the 'Basic' archive that you can import into JiffyCV, however times may vary.

What steps are involved in this process?

Typically the process involves the following:

  1. You request an archive of your LinkedIn data using LinkedIn's Data Export page
  2. Around ten minutes later LinkedIn send you an email saying you can download your 'Basic' archive
  3. Once you've downloaded the .zip file of your LinkedIn data you use the Import from LinkedIn tool found in the Experience section of JiffyCV
  4. Within seconds your JiffyCV Experience Collection is populated with the information you had on LinkedIn and is ready to use in creating a CV

Why do I need to request the larger data archive and not the more granular options?

LinkedIn allows you to create a more granular archive under the 'Want something in particular' option, however this archive does not contain your experiences.

If you were to select all the options available, the archive would only populate your profile and references in your Experience Collection.

The larger archive includes the profile and references plus:

  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Awards
  • Languages
  • Skills
  • Published Works

LinkedIn tells me it will generate two archives, which do I use?

Either archive can be imported into JiffyCV, however the information in the Basic archive is all that's needed to populate your Experience Collection.

You can find more information on what the archives contain on LinkedIn's 'Downloading Your Account Data' page.

Will generating an archive impact my use of LinkedIn in any way?

Nope, the LinkedIn Data Export page is there to allow users to download their data as part of GDPR and similar legislation and doing so has no impact on future use of LinkedIn.

Why do I have to generate an archive instead of something similar like logging in with my LinkedIn account?

While we agree that logging in via your LinkedIn account would be far easier, LinkedIn doesn't allow access to all your information to developers in this way.

Using a data archive is a short term solution until we can improve the user experience for populating your Experience Collection via LinkedIn.

I asked LinkedIn for an archive but the link expired, can I ask for a new archive?

Yep, just request another archive and download the archive before the time period closes, there's no time period on the .zip file once it's downloaded.

I downloaded my archive but I get an error when I import it into the app, help!

We're sorry that the app's not working as expected, if you email our support team with information of what happened we'll work with you to solve the issue.

In the mean time, you can import your data via scanning your CV or by manually entering entries into your Experience Collection.

The link in the app to generate the archive doesn't work on mobile

If you're encountering this issue please try requesting the Desktop version of the site before logging into LinkedIn.