Maintaining your CV can be a burden

You write your CV over and over again to target different roles, forgetting where your last revision is saved and if you’ve not dipped your toes in the job market for a while; where do you even start?

Being asked to remember everything you’ve done and compile a lifetime of experience into a few sheets of paper is a hard task, time consuming and the last thing you want to be doing when looking for that next challenge.

We think this process sucks, so we created JiffyCV

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Get an amazing CV in a Jiffy

Unlike the other CV and Resume apps out there; JiffyCV doesn’t ask you write and rewrite your CV over and over again to target multiple roles. Instead, you develop your Experience Collection; a repository of all the great stuff you’ve done over your career and then curate a CV for the role your applying for, from that repository.

This approach means that once you’ve populated your Experience Collection, the hardest part is done. Generate a new, tailored CV in a matter of seconds.

Targeting multiple, disparate roles?

Your Experience Collection allows you to create multiple versions of the same experience. Use this to build a number of CVs targeting different roles, sectors or professions all from the same Experience Collection.

With JiffyCV you can represent your experience in multiple ways
You can use import your LinkedIn data into JiffyCV

Already have LinkedIn?

If you’re a LinkedIn user, JiffyCV can import your LinkedIn data and automatically fill your Experience Collection; get creating CVs in minutes.

You’ll need a copy of your LinkedIn data archive on your device to do this, after you’ve requested this archive you should get a link to download it within 10 minutes. Importing this archive into the app takes less than a second.

Build your Experience Collection over time

If you’ve been in the same job for a number of years or the job involves a lot of projects; it can be hard to remember to list all the good things youve done that’s to catch the interviewers eye, and guarantee the job is yours.

Your Experience Collection is a repository of your experiences, and not a one-off document like a CV, you can add to it whenever you like and those updates will be there ready when you need a CV later on.

JiffyCV will soon include an Experience Journal, a tool to help you keep your Experience Collection up to date by periodically having you fill out a reflective journal of how your job is going.

You can add highlights from these journal entries into your Experience Collection and use them in your CV. Keep track of everything that you’ve done and make it easy to create a CV that contains all the awesome things that make you you and get you that next role.

Sound Good?

JiffyCV is available for iOS and Android.

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